Will ‘Lopez vs. Lopez’ Return for Season 2 on Netflix?

Will Lopez Vs Lopez Season 2 Be On NetflixWill Lopez Vs Lopez Season 2 Be On Netflix

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One of the many licensed pickups Netflix made in 2023 was the comedy sitcom Lopez vs. Lopez, starring George and daughter Mayan. The good news is that a second season is on the way – the bad news is that it’s Netflix future is currently unclear.

In case you missed Netflix US recently acquired the rights to Lopez vs Lopez in the US following its first run on NBC. It was unexpectedly added to Netflix in November 2023, with all 22 episodes of the first season added.

The show follows George and Mayan going through the ups and downs of living together, having previously been estranged. It’s inspired by their real life story and first debuted on NBC in November 2022.

After its addition to Netflix, Lopez vs Lopez featured in the Netflix US TV charts for three days, peaking as the sixth most-watched show on November 7th, 2023.

No other Netflix regions beyond the US currently carry the show, and there are currently no plans for the show to be licensed at the moment.

Lopez vs Lopez will return for season 2 first at NBC

NBC announced in May 2023 that it had renewed the sitcom for a full second season order. The show was given an initial order of 13 episodes, but that’s since been trimmed down to 10.

It’s planned for a mid-season debut, meaning it should be back on NBC sometime in late Winter or early Spring.

Filming on the new season, which takes place in Los Angeles, is due to get underway in mid-January 2024 and, according to one source, run through to the end of July 2024.

As you may know, filming was unable to get underway on the second season in 2023 due to the dual-Hollywood strikes that impacted the majority of shows, including Netflix’s own roster.

Lopez Vs Lopez Season 2Lopez Vs Lopez Season 2

Picture: NBC

No Confirmed Plans for Lopez vs. Lopez Season 2 on Netflix

As it stands, there are no announced plans on whether Lopez vs. Lopez season 2 will come to Netflix.

When Netflix picked up the first season, it picked up the rights for a period of two years (season 1 is currently set to expire in November 2025), but what’s unclear is how the license will work going forward. It used to be the case that when Netflix licensed shows from traditional networks, they’d get the lifetime rights of a show (so as long as they kept producing more seasons – they’d come to Netflix) plus anywhere from a year to 10 years after.

We know that NBC will be the broadcast home of new episodes and that Peacock, which also currently streams season 1, will undoubtedly stream season 2.

We’ll be keeping this post updated over the next year as we learn of when the series will premiere, whether it’ll head to Netflix and more.

Are you looking forward to the second season of Lopez vs Lopez? Do you want to see it come to Netflix?

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