What’s Coming to Netflix This Week: October 22-29, 2023

coming to netflix this week october 22 29 2023coming to netflix this week october 22 29 2023

Pictured: Sister Death, The Family Business and Pain Hustlers

Another week of new releases awaits on Netflix, and below, we’ll take you through the couple of dozen new movies, series, and games we currently know are headed to the service throughout the final full week of October 2023. 

There are a few big titles lined up for the final days of October 2023, with Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse heading up that lineup. Then we’re into November 2023 and we expect to get the full list this week. Until then, we’re listing all the November titles here.

As always, you can keep up-to-date on all the new arrivals on Netflix via our New on Netflix hub.

Most Anticipated New Releases on Netflix This Week

The Family Business (Seasons 1-4)

Coming to Netflix: Tuesday 

bet series the family business licensed to netflixbet series the family business licensed to netflix

Picture: BET

2023 has been the year of licensing, with some excellent titles landing on the service from other distributors from yesteryear. Next up on the docket is The Family Business, which comes from showrunner Trey Haley and is based on the books by Carl Weber.

The series revolves around a family empire business headed up by L.C. Duncan (played by the great Ernie Hudson) as we see their dirty secret life played out after their flagship stores close.

Sister Death (2023) Netflix Original

Coming to Netflix: Friday

For whatever reason, horror is not a genre Netflix strays into too often on its movie slate. Indeed, the only real horror title it’s released for the entirety of 2023 has been the Barcelona spin-off to Bird Box.

Thankfully, we’re getting a highly anticipated new horror from Spain this week in the form of a prequel movie to the hit 2017 movie (that’s licensed to Netflix at the time of publishing) called Veronica.

The title shows you follow a sister beginning to teach girls at a haunted former convent.


Pain Hustlers (2023) Netflix Original

Coming to Netflix: Friday

Rounding out our most anticipated titles for the week is the big heavy-hitting movie for October that’s got an all-star cast, Pain Hustlers.

Here’s what you can expect:

“Dreaming of a better life for her and her young daughter, Liza (Emily Blunt) lands a job from Pete (Chris Evans) at a failing pharma start-up, where Liza’s charm, drive, and guts catapult her into the high life and the company into the center of a criminal conspiracy with dire consequences.”

Sadly, critics did not take to the movie following its premiere at the film festivals over the past few weeks. Rex Reed for Observer had perhaps one of the kinder takes concluding:

“A real-life story with social issues about capitalism that is entertaining and funny while it makes you think, without being too earnest and serious.”

Full List of What’s Coming to Netflix This Week

Coming to Netflix on October 23rd

  • Princess Power (Season 2) Netflix Original

Coming to Netflix on October 24th

  • The Family Business (Seasons 1-4)
  • Get Gotti (2023) Netflix Original
  • Minions (2015)
  • Pete Holmes: I Am Not For Everyone (2023) Netflix Original
  • Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix & Kill (Android and iOS) Netflix Original

Coming to Netflix on October 25th

  • Absolute Beginners (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Bad Education: Director’s Cut (2022)
  • Burning Betrayal (2023) Netflix Original
  • Life on our Planet (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • The After (2023) Netflix Original
  • The UnXplained with William Shatner (Season 3)

Coming to Netflix on October 26th

  • It Ain’t Over (2022)
  • Knights of the Zodiac (2023)
  • Long Live Love! (2023)
  • ONEFOUR: Against All Odds (2023) Netflix Original
  • Pluto (Season 1) Netflix Original

Coming to Netflix on October 27th

  • Pain Hustlers (2023) Netflix Original
  • Sister Death (2023) Netflix Original
  • TORE (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Yellow Door: Looking for Director Bong’s Unreleased Short Film (2023) Netflix Original

Coming to Netflix on October 28th

  • Castaway Diva (Season 1) Netflix Original

Coming to Netflix on October 29th

  • Botched (Season 1)
  • Hometown (Season 1)

What will you be checking out on Netflix this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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