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Rejoice! Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is back for another season.
Jerry Seinfeld‘s weekly web series, which includes conversations and car rides with comedians, kicks off Season 2 today with the very funny Sarah Silverman. Silverman, who appeared on Seinfeld way back in 1997, makes Jerry laugh with nearly every sentence and reveals a few fun facts about herself in the process.
“I’m not a car person and don’t believe in spending money on cars — no offense,” Silverman says as she climbs into the ep’s featured ride, a Jaguar convertible.
Watch the 19-minute episode for lots of laughs about Silverman’s childhood (her mother was a local “Moviefone” woman), her famous friends (some of whom smell so bad she has to air out her car afterward) and her career.
“You have a face like a sock puppet,” Seinfeld tells her at one point, intending it as a compliment. (By the way, do we love or hate Jerry’s neon green sneakers? Discuss.)
New episodes of Comedians are posted Thursdays at noon ET.


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