‘Triple Frontier 2’ In Development at Netflix With Charlie Hunnam Producing

Triple Frontier 2 In Development At NetflixTriple Frontier 2 In Development At Netflix

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In case you missed it, Triple Frontier was released on Netflix in March 2019. The big-budget action movie starred Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Adria Arjona, and Pedro Pascal, who played former special forces operatives uniting to steal a drug lord’s fortune. Now, nearly five years later, it looks like a sequel might be on the way.

The movie did relatively well for Netflix despite not being a slam dunk by any stretch. Rumors of a sequel have circled for years, but this year, it looks like plans have been put in place for a sequel.

Our sources told us that development began on Triple Frontier 2 just before the strikes began in May 2023, and midway through the strikes, we got told that the plan was to continue with development following the end of the strikes, which thankfully came to an end in November.

Netflix did not respond to a request for comment when we reached out during the summer.

In a recent interview with The Mary Sue, Charlie Hunnam confirms that development is indeed ongoing on a sequel. While speaking about Rebel Moon, Hunnam revealed that he had signed on to produce a potential sequel but hastened to add that it is in “absolute infancy.”

Hunnam’s full quote from the interview (available on YouTube) is as follows, following the interviewer’s confession of loving the first film:

“Do you know, I mean, nothing guaranteed, nothing guaranteed. But I just set up recently as the main producer a potential sequel to Triple Frontier at Netflix. So we’re working on that. It’s in its absolute infancy. But I feel like I’ve got a lot more to say about the sort of life after life of military personnel. So I’m really hopeful.”

World of Reel noted that it’s probably right to be cautious about an actual sequel ever seeing the light of day. We’ve seen numerous action movie greenlit or have sequels put in development that are either missing in action or a way off from ever hitting our screens. You may recall Netflix handing out sequels to Red Notice and The Gray Man, but for the most part, development has gone quiet, with only Extraction 2 getting to our screens.

Why Triple Frontier 2 Is In The Works at Netflix

Although Triple Frontier was no critical darling (Netflix’s action roster rarely attracts many good reviews) it has shown to have legs for Netflix.

In terms of viewership numbers, Triple Frontier hasn’t done enough to rank in the current most-watched movies list, but we did get an old viewing stat in April 2019 when we learned that 52 million viewers had checked out the movie.

The movie recently popped up in the global top 10s. As we noted in our Top 10 report for the week ending November 26th, Triple Frontier managed to enter the global top 10s for the first time, picking up 3.6 million views.

In the recent data dump for the first half of 2023, Triple Frontier ranked in the top 1,000 titles for most viewing hours, picking up 26.50 million.

Naturally, we’ve got a long way to go with any sequel and a lot more to learn so we’ll be keeping our ears to the ground for the latest.

Would you watch another Triple Frontier movie on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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