Top 5 Sneha Paul Web Series (November 2023)

Are you seeking a famous actress, Sneha Paul web series list? Then you are in the right place, my friend. Today, I will share the 5 Must Watch web series of Sneha Paul.

Sneha Paul is India’s famous actress, model, and social media influencer. Sneha does most of the acting work in web series. Sneha is the well-known star of the ullu web series. Sneha Paul did only four web series, but she became famous in her short web series career. To read the complete biography of Sneha Paul.

5 Must Watch Sneha Paul Web Series

Sneha got praise for the web series Charmsukh Chawl House. After that web series, she worked in 3 more ullu app web series. You get the famous Sneh Paul’s web series in the below list. You can watch all these web series on their respective OTT platforms.

1- Chawl House 3 Charmsukh Ullu Web Series 2022

Sneha poul-chawl-house.jpg
Top 5 Sneha Paul Web Series

“Charmsukh Chawl House 3” is the story of two sisters named Meena and Meena. Meena is a hardworking girl, and Tina is careless. Both of them live with their mother in a chawl in Mumbai. One day, a boy named Rahul comes into their society.

Both Tina and Meena start liking Rahul. But Rahul starts picking Tina, and a relationship begins between them. Meena is shocked by this and comes up with tricks to get Rahul. Watch Chawl House 3 to know whether Meena can fulfill her desire with Rahul. Sneha Paul and Ankita Dave played the lead roles in this web series.

2- Charmsukh Chawl House Ullu Web Series 2021

Top 5 Sneha Paul Web Series
Top 5 Sneha Paul Web Series

Charmsukh Chawl House is one of the most liked web series of the ullu app. Sneh Paul worked in this web series with Ullu App for the first time. Sneha played the “Reenu bhabhi.” in this web series. Sneha became famous after the Charmsukh Chawl House web series.

Charmsukh Chawl House is the story of a chawl in Mumbai where one family lives. One day, Reenu’s brother-in-law comes to stay at their house for a few days. He falls in love with Reenu. Reenu also starts falling in love with him. After some time, both fulfill their sexual desires. To know what happens next, watch Chawl House on the ullu app.

3- Laal Lihaaf Ullu web series 2021

Top 5 Sneha Paul Web Series

laal lihaaf is another web series of Sneha paul with ullu app. After a long time, Sneha is seen in ullu’s web series. This is the story of Kusum, who is married. Kusum’s husband does not love her at all, and because of this, Kusum feels lonely.

Kusum falls in love with her maid. Kusum and the maid fulfill their sexual desires. To know what happens next, watch Lal Lihaaf on Ullu App.

4- Charmsukh Chawl House 2 Ullu Web Series (2022)

Top 5 Sneha Paul Web Series
Top 5 Sneha Paul Web Series

After a long wait of a whole year, in 2022, Ullu finally released his famous web series Charmsukh Chawl House 2. People have been demanding Chawl House 2 for a long time.

This web series is continuing the first season. In the first season, we saw that a relationship starts between Reenu and her brother-in-law. Taking the story forward in this season, this shows that Reenu and her husband go to their village for a few days, where she meets her brother-in-law again.

The love story of reenu and her brother-in-law starts again. This time, Reenu’s husband gets to know about their affair. Watch Charmsukh Chawl House 2 on Ullu App to know what will happen next.

5- The City and A Girl (Hotstar)

Top 5 Sneha Paul Web Series
Top 5 Sneha Paul Web Series

“The City and a Girl” is a short film released on the Hotstar app in 2021. the short film starring famous web series actress Sneha Paul in the lead role. This is the story of a small-town girl who keeps a dream in her pocket and goes to the city. She works dedicatedly and achieves what she wants. Watch how she overcomes her fear of failure and gets what she wants.

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