Top 10 Ullu Web Series Watch Online (2023)

Top 10 Ullu Web Series: Ullu app is one of the most popular OTT platforms in India. Ullu web series is known for its bold and sexual content. Max Ullu App Web Series Genre is Romance and Drama. Ullu app was launched on 25th December 2018. So far the ullu app has gained millions of downloads and subscribers. Every week Ullu App releases two new web series due to its popularity and demand.

Top 10 Ullu Web Series Names (May 2023)

Here is the list of top 10 Ullu web series names released so far. You can watch all the web series on its official website ullu app. You need to subscribe to ullu app to watch web series.

Charmsukh Jaane Anjane Mein Ullu Web Series
Charmsukha Jaane Anjane May

“Charmasukh Jaane Anjane Mein” is the most loved web series from ullu app. Famous Ullu actress Ginni Jas (Bahu) played the lead role in this web series. It is the story of a rural house where the father-in-law (Sasur) is passionate about his daughter-in-law. Sasur falls in love with Bahu and both fulfill their sexual desire.

This web series already has five seasons. Every season, there are 2-3 episodes. The runtime of each episode is around 20-25 minutes.

Charsukh Charl House Ullu Web Series
Charmsukh Charl House

Charmsukh Charl House is gaining popularity very quickly. Sneha Paul is playing Bhabhi in this web series. Sneha got a lot of fame with the release of this web series. After this web series she was also seen in the web series Lal Lihaf Ullu.

This is the story of a small char house where a guest stays for a few days. Many people are already living in this house. Athithi secretly loves Renu and their relationship begins to build.

  • Sneha Paul (Renu).
  • Dakshita Kumar (Ronit).
  • Eshan Tiwari (Bhanu).
  • Jyosthna Trivedi (Snehal).
  • Meenu Sharma (Mami).
Halala Ullu Web Series Cast Wiki

Halala is one of Ullu App’s oldest and most popular web series. Ullu app gained popularity and subscribers after the release of Halala web series. Halala stars Shafaq Naas, Ravi Bhatia and the most famous Bigg Boss contestant Ijaz Khan.

This web series is based on triple talaq. The story follows the story of a married couple, Afza and Raheel. They are happily married, but after something happens, Rahil gives Afsa triple talaq.

The Bull of Dalal Street Ullu Web Series Wiki Cast
Bull on Dalal Street

The Bull of Dalal Street is based on the famous scammer Harshad Mehta. If you watch Scam 1992, you know who Harshad Mehta is. Iqbal Khan plays Harshal Mehta in this web series.

This web series shows the life of Harshal Mehta, how a poor man became the king of Dalal Street and became a millionaire.

  • Iqbal Khan (Harshal).
  • Ashmit Patel (Dileep).
  • Kunal Verma (Kunal).
  • Priyal Gore (Nidhi).
  • Aparna Sharma
  • Naina Chhabra (Jhanvi).
Charsukh Athe Ki Chakki Ullu Web Series Cast Wiki
Ate ki Chucky

Atte Ki Chakki is loved by all as people watch Ginni Jaz in Ullu web series after a long time. Ginni Jas as Buddy Bahu and Muskan Aggarwal as Chhoti Bahu in this web series.

The story of this web series revolves around a daughter-in-law who falls in love with a wheat-grinding (Ate Ki Chakki) machine and gets pleasure.

palang tod gaon ki garmi wiki cast
Palang tod gaon ki garmi

Gaav Ki Garmi is one of the best Palang Toad Ullu web series seasons. Popular Ullu actress Mahi Kaur plays an Aunty (Mami) in this web series.

The story is about a city boy who comes to the village to meet his uncle and aunt. Then the love story begins. The city boy falls in love with his aunt and plans to have a physical relationship with Mami.

  • Mahi Kaur (Mami).
  • Anupam Gahoi (mother).
  • Shivam Tiwari (Bhanja).
Khul Ja Sim Sim Web Series
Watch Top 10 Ullu Web Series Online (May 2023) 16

Khul Ja Sim Sim is one of the best ullu web series. Nikita Chopra is the heroine in this web series. This web series stars Simran. She became very famous after this web series. Khul Ja Sim Sim is a 3 episode web series. Each episode is 30-40 minutes long.

  • Nikita Chopra (Simran).
  • Kundan Kumar (Awadesh).
  • Devas Siwal (Katta).
  • Meena Naithani (mother-in-law).
  • Yogesh Parihar (Tejpratap).
Dunali Ullu Web Series Wiki Cast

This is the story of a boy named Sameer. Sameer is unemployed. One day a prostitute comes to spend the night with him. But suddenly she ran to meet him. It is later revealed that Sameer has not one but two private parts.

Seeing this particularity of Sameer, a friend asks him to work as a male escort. Sameer accepts the job and he starts earning lakhs of rupees. The owner of the house where Sameer lives on rent has a sexual problem.

A Baba tells the owner to sacrifice one’s private parts. The owner of the house plan with Sameer’s two private parts will cut off one of Sameer’s private parts. Will the owner of the house succeed in his plan? To know, watch Dunali Ullu web series.

  • Subham Deorukhar (Sameer).
  • Prerna Singh (Ria).
  • Nehal Vodoliya (Witness).
  • Hitesh Makhija (Rohan).
  • Babul Bhavesar (Rakesh).
  • Palak Singh.
Woodpecker Ullu Web Series Wiki Cast

Woodpecker Ullu web series became very famous in a very short time. The web series stars Parag Tyagi as Ajay Singhania and Ira Soni as Shanaya.

The story revolves around Shanaya who wants to become an airline owner. Her smarts and hard work led to the right man at the right time. But something happened and her dream was shattered.

  • Parag Tyagi (Ajay Singhania).
  • Ira Soni (Shanaya).
  • Nehal Vadolia (Shagun).
  • Surbhi Tiwari (Rini).
  • Manvi Chaug (Nandini).
  • Anupama Prakash (Meira).
  • Anil Dhawan (Pandey G).
  • Vijay Patkar (Papu).
Black Male Palang Todd Ullu Web Series Wiki Cast
Black coffee

It is the story of a couple who are both about to get divorced and life is not going well. The wife’s friend tells her that you are doing the right thing and advises her to party and enjoy life.

Drunk, the wife and her friend have sex, and their affair begins. Whose video is the son watching? Watch Blackmail Palang Todd Ullu web series on 8th October to know what happens next.

  • Simran Khan (Ishika).
  • Subham Vyas (Nitin).
  • Kanchan Awasthi (Mother).
  • Vijendra Singh (Husband).

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