‘The Mindy Project’ Leaving Netflix After Only One Year

the mindy project leaving netflix january 2024the mindy project leaving netflix january 2024

Picture: Universal Television

The Netflix removals for the first month of 2024 are slowly being revealed. If you’re midway through binge-watching The Mindy Project, you’ll need to hurry up, as all six seasons are scheduled to leave on January 1st, 2024.

Beginning its life at Fox for three seasons before being picked up by Hulu as an Original for its final three seasons, the show follows a top doctor who desperately tries to balance her work-life balance and find a soulmate. The show ran for 117 episodes across six seasons, with the finale airing six years ago in 2017.

Mindy Kaling created and starred in the comedy-drama with other co-stars, including Chris Messina, Ed Weeks, Anna Camp, Zoe Jarman, and Amanda Setton.

The arrival of The Mindy Project on Netflix US in January 2023 marked the first time that Netflix has ever seen a Hulu Original come to the service in the United States. However, other Hulu Originals have found their way onto Netflix in other select international regions.

Of course, Universal Television owns the underlying rights to The Mindy Project, and that’s who licensed the show to Netflix.

Why is The Mindy Project leaving Netflix?

The show is leaving Netflix because it was only licensed for a year. This isn’t wholly uncommon but disappointing, given many of the other licensed titles they’ve acquired in 2023 have been done on longer durations.

It’s worth noting that a notice has yet to appear within the app that gives you a “Last Day to Watch,” but our intel still suggests the show is set to leave on January 1st, meaning you have until New Year’s Eve to wrap up your binge watch. The show will remain on Hulu despite its Netflix removal.

Sources like NewonNetflix.info and Unogs are also reporting on the departure of The Mindy Project.

Of course, all removals are subject to change and renewal, but we tend to find most removal dates are final.

netflix page for the mindy projectnetflix page for the mindy project

If you need more Mindy Kaling in your life, you can still find Never Have I Ever, which she created exclusively for Netflix. Next on the horizon is her LA Lakers comedy project, where she’s teaming up with Modern Family producer Elaine Ko. It’s currently expected to get underway with production in early 2024. It’s unclear whether Kaling will star.

At the moment, The Mindy Project is currently the only big TV removal scheduled for January 1st. Still, north of 100 Hollywood movies are leaving the service from a range of different distributors, including big franchises like Jaws, The Mummy, and The Karate Kid. You can see all of the removals planned for January 2024 here.

Will you miss The Mindy Project when it leaves Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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