‘Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour’ Leaving Netflix Globally in December 2023

Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour Leaving NetflixTaylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour Leaving Netflix

Picture: Netflix

Swifties will be disappointed to hear that the Netflix Original labeled concert Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour has been announced to be leaving Netflix at the end of December 2023. 

Directed by Paul Dugdale, the Taylor Swift concert recording was produced by Den of Thieves and Taylor Swift Productions and was first released on Netflix globally on December 31st, 2018. It’s a recording of a concert she performed in Dallas, Texas.

As of the time of initial publishing, the concert doesn’t yet have a removal notice within the app or on the page for the movie. Instead, Netflix confirmed its removal in its “New on Netflix” newsletter to various publishers and outlets online. A removal notice will begin to be displayed around a month before its departure. The removal applies to all Netflix regions.

Why is Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour?

You may be thinking, “why is a Netflix Original leaving Netflix?” and you’d be right to question it. However, as we’ve covered relentlessly over the past few years, Netflix has been removing dozens of its Original titles.

The reason why some Originals have been removed often comes down to ultimate ownership of a show or movie and that Netflix has licensed (albeit exclusively) for a fixed period.

That does appear to be the case here, with the concert licensed to Netflix for a five-year fixed window, and that window is now coming up.

Of course, other theories are floating around about why the Reputation tour could be leaving Netflix.

We spoke to Andrew Roth, a concert photographer and journalist for the likes of Detroit News and Flint Beat, who told us there are growing theories that Reputation could be the next album that Swift re-releases under her own banner. “It’s a whole thing,” Roth tells us, “but the leading theory is there is an announcement soon and [the rereleased album] will be released in February [2024].” Roth told us a bunch of other theories on why it was on the horizon, such as February aligns with when “they’re in Tokyo, which is where the Reputation Stadium Tour ended,” but that’s not the point of this article, so we’ll leave that rabbit hole for others to fall down.

Will Miss Americana leave Netflix?

No is the short answer.

Following news getting out of the concert leaving Netflix, some Taylor Swift fans posted online that they’re also seeing Miss Americana set to leave the service too. They’re managing to get that up in their search results after searching “leaving soon.”

Thankfully, we can clear this up: Miss Americana: Taylor Swift won’t be leaving Netflix anytime soon. In fact, our understanding is that Netflix owns the rights to that documentary in perpetuity, so it will be streaming for many more years to come.

Of course, we’ll keep you posted on our leaving Netflix soon hub page if that changes.

Many Taylor Swift fans recently headed to theaters to watch The Eras Tour concert, which has yet to find a streaming home. A report from Puck in September suggested Netflix did not engage with any of the bidding on the movie ahead of AMC distributing, and it’s unclear whether they’ll want Eras Tour when its streaming window comes up early next year. As of October, reports suggest the concert had yet to be sold to a streamer.

Will you miss Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour when it leaves Netflix globally in December 2023? Let us know in the comments below.

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