Tapan Vs Shahad: Which is the best web series this week on Ullu

The demand for ullu web series has increased significantly in the last few years. People like to watch web series on the ullu app. Because of these reasons, the ullu app releases two web series weekly for their subscribers. All the web series of Ullu are full of bold and hot scenes.

This week, the ullu app releases the “Charmsukh Tapan” and “Shahad” Web series. We will share complete details of these web series and share which one is the best web series of this week.


This is the story of Sharad and his lust. Sharad has a lot of sexual feelings, but he doesn’t express them. His elder brother Raghu is married to a girl named Roopa. Sharad falls in love with his sister-in-law Roopa and spies on her.

Roopa’s husband cannot satisfy her sexually, so she searches for another man. Roopa takes the help of Sharad to fulfill her sexual desire. Shahad web series has two parts. Both the parts have two episodes whose length is 25 minutes.


Tapan is the story of Riya, who is very fond of having sex. One day her sister Rashmi comes to Riya’s house with her husband, Vaibhav. Riya is flirting with her brother-in-law Vaibhav. Vaibhav’s interest is not in Riya but his friend Payal. To know what Riya will do, watch the tapan web series. Tapan web series has two parts, and both have two episodes which are 25 minutes in length.


Tapan and Shahad ullu’s web series is full of bold and hot scenes. If you want to see the romance between brother-in-law and sister-in-law, you can watch the tapan web series. If you like stories of sister-in-law and brother-in-law, you can watch the shahad web series. We recommend you watch both the web series and decide for yourself which is the best web series this week. You can watch both of these web series on the ullu app.

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