Rapper Quando Rondo Arrested on Drug and Gang Charges in Savannah

The hometown of Savannah has become the backdrop for rapper Quando Rondo’s recent incarceration following an indictment on drug and gang charges.

Tyquian Terrel Bowman, known by his stage name Quando Rondo, was taken into custody and is currently held at the Chatham County jail as of Tuesday.

The artist, aged 24, is set to appear for a bond hearing scheduled for Friday.

Indictment and Charges

A grand jury convened on Wednesday and indicted Bowman, along with 18 other individuals. The indictment encompassed four counts against Bowman, which included his alleged involvement as a manager of the illicit street gang known as “Rollin’ 60’s.”

Additionally, he faces charges related to conspiring with others in the distribution of marijuana and the acquisition of pills containing the opioid hydrocodone.

Legal Counsel’s Response

When contacted by phone on Tuesday, Bowman’s attorney, Joshua Pine, refrained from providing an immediate comment on the matter.

The legal team is likely preparing a defense strategy to address the charges brought against the rapper.

Rising Musical Career

Quando Rondo, under his stage name, gained recognition through his popular singles “I Remember” and “ABG.”

The success of these tracks led to a major record deal with Atlantic Records, which subsequently released his debut album, “QPac,” in 2020.

Building upon his early achievements, he released his follow-up album, “Recovery,” in March.


The arrest and indictment of rapper Quando Rondo on drug and gang charges have captured attention, highlighting the challenges faced by both artists and the legal system.

Stay tuned for further developments in this ongoing case as the court proceedings progress.

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