New Releases on Netflix & Top 10s: September 8th, 2023

dear child liebes kind new on netflix september 8th 2023dear child liebes kind new on netflix september 8th 2023

Dear Child is now streaming – Picture: Netflix

Happy Friday and welcome to your rundown of what’s been added on Netflix US throughout the week as we head into the weekend. We’ve got 16 new series and 8 new series to cover, so let’s dive in. 

In case you missed any of the new releases before Tuesday, we covered all Labor Day weekend titles and the first week of September in our roundup here.

Lots still to look forward to throughout the rest of September 2023 with highlights including several Roald Dahl shorts from Wes Anderson, the latest season of New Amsterdam, and the new Spy Kids movie!

Now, let’s get into the best new releases of the week:

Best New Movies and Series Added This Week

Scouts Honor: The Secret Files of the Boy Scouts of America (2023)

Rating: TV-MA
Language: English
Genre: Documentary
Director: Brian Knappenberger
Runtime: 95 mins / 1h 35m

Coming from the director of Netflix’s hit documentary The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez comes a new expose that takes a look into the controversy that’s rocked the Boy Scouts of America over the years and to this very day.

Thanks to interviews with the whistleblowers, survivors, and former employees of the organization, this hour and a half doc looks into cover up one of history’s most horrific child sexual abuse scandals.

Dear Child (Limited Series)

Rating: TV-MA
Language: German
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Cast: Kim Riedle, Naila Schuberth, Sammy Schrein, Hans Löw, Haley Louise Jones, Justus von Dohnányi
Runtime: 46 mins

New from Netflix Germany is Dear Child (Liebes Kind as it’s known in its home country), an excellent new six-part mini-series that’s based on the Romy Hausman novel.

The series sees two children and their mother living in a windowless house, completely isolated from the outside world and held captive by the children’s father. One night, Lena escapes the house, which sets off a string of events.

Virgin River (Season 5 – Part 1)

Number of episodes: 10
Rating: TV-14
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Romance
Cast: Martin Henderson, Tim Matheson, Alexandra Breckenridge
Writer: Sue Tenney
Runtime: 44 min

Finally, the chances are if you’re a Virgin River fan, you’re already done or partway through your binge of the first part of season 5 that landed on Netflix on Thursday.

This new season, under the helm of a new showrunner, turns the show into an ensemble drama with much more emphasis put on some of the other residents of Virgin River this season.

Of course, once you’re done with these first ten episodes, you’ve only got a couple of months to go until we’ve got the two holiday specials on the way.

Full List of New Titles Added Between September 5th to 8th, 2023

8 New Movies Added

  • Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013) – PG-13 – English – Ron Burgundy and his team land a spot on the first 24-hour news network, but new challenges force them to find their own way to the top of the ratings.
  • Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004) – PG-13 – English – In 1970s San Diego, a hotshot anchor and his news team work hard and party harder until an ambitious new reporter shakes up the station with her talent.
  • Hello Ghost (2023) – TV-14 – Indonesian – When a lonely man fails to end his life, four quirky ghosts haunt him to ask for favors — but they might just be the push he needs to start over.
  • Rosa Peral’s Tapes (2023) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Spanish – This true-crime documentary film features Rosa Peral’s first interview from prison since she was convicted of murdering her partner aided by an ex-lover.
  • Scouts Honor: The Secret Files of the Boy Scouts of America (2023) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English – Survivors, whistleblowers and experts recount the Boy Scouts of America’s decadeslong cover-up of sexual abuse cases and its heartbreaking impact.
  • Shane Gillis: Beautiful Dogs (2023) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English – In a rowdy stand-up set, Shane Gillis riffs on his girlfriend’s Navy SEAL ex, touring George Washington’s house and being bullied by an Australian Goth.
  • The Swan Princess: A Fairytale Is Born (2023) – PG – English – After 20 years as queen, Uberta prepares her heirs to take over the kingdom. But Wixom, a devious rival, intends to snatch the crown for herself.
  • What If (2023) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English – When a pair of newlywed musicians get trapped in a storm on their island honeymoon, they must face difficult truths that could tear their marriage apart.

16 New TV Series Added

  • 6ixtynin9 The Series (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Thai – After losing her job, a woman discovers a mysterious package on her apartment doorstep — and her life takes a turn for the worse.
  • A Time Called You (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-14 – Korean – A grieving woman magically travels through time to 1998, where she meets a man with an uncanny resemblance to her late love.
  • Baby Gorilla Cam (Season 1 – LIVE – New Episodes Weekly) Netflix Original – TV-PG – English – Peek into the gorilla habitat at Cleveland Metroparks, where two new babies are adapting to life in the troop. (Live event in English.)
  • Burning Body () Netflix Original – TV-MA – Spanish – When a police officer is murdered and set on fire, all eyes focus on two other agents: his girlfriend and her lover. Inspired by true events.
  • Dear Child (Limited Series) Netflix Original – TV-MA – German – A mysterious woman’s escape from her harrowing captivity points investigators toward the dark truth behind an unsolved disappearance 13 years earlier.
  • GAMERA -Rebirth- (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-14 – Japanese – In the summer of 1989, four kids in Tokyo witness the emergence of the turtle kaiju Gamera, who bravely stands up against giant human-eating monsters.
  • Gangs of Oslo (Season 1) – TV-MA – Norwegian – A young policeman gets entangled in his own criminal past when an investigation leads him to his childhood best friend — now a ruthless gang leader.
  • Infamy (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Polish – Caught between her Roma roots and pressure from her friends, a 17-year-old girl aspires to become a hip-hop musician despite her parents’ strict rules.
  • Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (Season 3 – Final Season) Netflix Original – TV-Y7 – English – Legendary warrior Po teams up with an elite English knight on a global quest to rescue magical weapons, restore his reputation — and save the world!
  • Pokémon: To Be a Pokémon Master: Ultimate Journeys: The Series (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-Y7 – English – Ash, Pikachu and their two friends Misty and Brock travel around helping Pokémon in need — all while being watched by a guardian in the sky.
  • Predators (Limited Series) Netflix Original – TV-PG – English – Experience life through the eyes of cheetahs, polar bears and more of the planet’s most powerful hunters as they fight against the odds to survive.
  • Reporting for Duty (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Portuguese – When Suzano assumes the role of police chief at a new precinct, the timid newbie will have to prove his mettle to his fearless squad.
  • Spy Ops (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-14 – English – Intelligence operatives from MI6 to the CIA share insider stories of spy craft, Cold War campaigns, and coups carried out by covert agents.
  • Tahir’s House (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-14 – Arabic – A family of amateur entrepreneurs must come together to convert their failing fish shop into a thriving business, but branching out isn’t easy.
  • Top Boy (Season 3 – Final Season) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English – Two seasoned drug dealers return to the gritty streets of London, but their pursuit of money and power is threatened by a young and ruthless hustler.
  • Virgin River (Season 5 – Part 1) Netflix Original – TV-14 – English – Searching for a fresh start, a nurse practitioner moves from LA to a remote northern California town and is surprised by what — and who — she finds.

Top 10 Movies & Series on Netflix for September 8th, 2023

Now, let’s check in with the top 20 trending movies and series on Netflix in the United States as we head into the week. A full global top 50 can be found on our top 10 hub page.

# TV Shows Movies
1 Shane Gillis: Beautiful Dogs Love Again
2 One Piece Snitch
3 Predators You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah
4 Who Is Erin Carter? Don’t Worry Darling
5 Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones Arrival
6 Painkiller Choose Love
7 The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On Woody Woodpecker
8 S.W.A.T. Scout’s Honor: The Secret Files of the Boy Scouts of America
9 Disenchantment Couples Retreat
10 Call the Midwife Dredd

What are you watching on Netflix right now? Let us know down below.

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