Netflix New Releases & Top 10 Movies & Series: October 27, 2023

Welcome back to our what’s new on Netflix column, where we dig into all the new releases. This week, we’ve been a bit lax with our roundups, so get ready for a big one. We’ve got 36 new titles to cover, and we’ll also see what’s topping the Netflix charts.

Three new titles are scheduled to arrive over the weekend, including Castaway Diva on Saturday (October 28), and the reality series Botched drops for the first time on Sunday alongside the Korean mystery thriller series Hometown.

Don’t forget that next week, we cross into a new month, and if you haven’t familiarized yourself with the new November releases, check out the most comprehensive list on the web!

Best New Movies and Series Added to Netflix This Week

The Kill Team (2019)

Rating: R
Language: English
Genre: Action, Biography, Drama
Director: Dan Krauss
Cast: Nat Wolff, Alexander Skarsgård, Adam Long
Writer: Dan Krauss

As we covered separately, Netflix has added a bunch of A24 movies in the US over the past few days. While we’re told there’s no new output deal in place, they definitely are now streaming!

Our top pick from this week’s new arrivals is the excellent war biopic movie based on a true story. It follows a young soldier grappling with not only the impact of war on the mind but also having to deal with a sadistic sergeant who is throwing out the rule book and not in a good way.

Ed Potton for Times (UK) concluded in their 2020 review that director Dan Krauss “handles the action and intrigue with cool precision, though, and Skarsgard, with nailbrush moustache, is often chilling.”

PLUTO (Season 1)

Number of episodes: 8
Rating: TV-14
Language: Japanese
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure
Cast: Shinshû Fuji, Yôko Hikasa, Minori Suzuki
Writer: Osamu Tezuka, Naoki Urasawa
Runtime: 71 mins / 1h 11m

Just last week, I published a must-watch list stating that Netflix has had a pretty poor run in 2023 regarding its own (not licensed) anime series. Thankfully, I now have egg on my face with the release of Pluto, a series that most Westerners may know Astro Boy from.

Over the course of eight episodes (and hopefully more down the line), you’ll follow Europol detective Gesicht who is on the search for who is destroying a slew of powerful robots threatening the peace between robots and humans.

Pain Hustlers (2023)

Rating: R
Language: English
Genre: Crime, Drama
Director: David Yates
Cast: Emily Blunt, Chris Evans, Catherine O’Hara
Writer: Wells Tower, Evan Hughes
Runtime: 122 min / 2h 2m

Netflix has gone from having no scripted titles covering the opioid epidemic to having three, with the release of Painkiller over the summer and even Mike Flanagan’s latest series covering the subject, albeit in a less comprehensive manner.

Now it’s the turn of huge movie stars Emily Blunt and Chris Evans to take on the subject in this rags-to-riches story about a woman who rises up the food chain of a pharmaceutical business.

Now, sadly, reviews for the movie haven’t been particularly strong by critics, and early IMDb scores aren’t too great either. In our review of the movie by our resident critic Andrew Morgan, he gives a 3-star review, concluding:

“A star-studded yet underwhelming examination on how to create an opioid epidemic. Blunt, Evans, Garcia, & O’Hara can’t elevate this over its predecessors.”

Check back on our What to Watch section over the weekend for more top picks from the new releases.

Full List of New Releases So Far This Week

Note: All these movies were added between October 23rd and October 27th. US only.

26 New Movies Added

  • Bad Education: Directors Cut (2022) – TV-MA – Mandarin – In honor of their final night in high school, three teenagers decide to play a devious game that quickly descends into deadly chaos.
  • Burning Betrayal (2023) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Portuguese – In this adaptation of Sue Hecker’s novel, an accountant sees her fiance’s betrayal as an opportunity for a sexual awakening, with dangerous consequences.
  • Chandramukhi 2 (2023) – TV-MA – Tamil
  • Chandramukhi 2 (Kannada) (2023) – TV-MA – Kannada
  • Chandramukhi 2 (Malayalam) (2023) – TV-MA – Malayalam
  • Cut Bank (2014) – R – English – A small-town dreamer sees a moneymaking opportunity after he accidentally films a murder but is soon sucked into a violent whirl of greed and deception.
  • Iraivan (Hindi) (2023) – TV-MA – Tamil – A police officer with a tendency to take justice into his own hands embarks on an intense hunt for a brutal serial killer.
  • Iraivan (Kannada) (2023) – TV-MA – Kannada
  • Iraivan (Malayalam) (2023) – TV-MA – Malayalam
  • Iraivan (Telugu) (2023) – TV-MA – Telugu
  • It Ain’t Over (2022) – PG – English – The colorful life and career of quotable baseball great Yogi Berra shines brightly in this documentary featuring insider interviews and archival footage.
  • Knights of the Zodiac (2023) – PG-13 – English – A street fighter discovers a world of mystical powers and ancient warriors as he trains to become the chosen guardian of a reincarnated goddess.
  • Long Live Love! (2023) – TV-MA – Thai – A struggling couple gets an unlikely reprieve when one partner who has amnesia uses photographs to rekindle his memory — and possibly more.
  • Meet the Blacks (2016) – R – English – A black dad from Chicago with a recent influx of cash moves his family to Beverly Hills just before the city’s annual purge, when all crime is legal.
  • Minions (2015) – PG – English – Travel back in time with Kevin, Stuart and Bob in this prequel that follows the Minions as they try to win the favor of supervillain Scarlet Overkill.
  • ONEFOUR: Against All Odds (2023) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English – This documentary traces the meteoric rise of Australia’s first drill rap stars, defiant in the face of police’s efforts to stop them from performing.
  • Pain Hustlers (2023) Netflix Original – R – English – A broke but ambitious single mom lands a lucrative opportunity in pharma sales, but how far will she go to turn a potent new painkiller into a success?
  • Pete Holmes: I Am Not for Everyone (2023) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English – Comedian Pete Holmes delivers a feel-good stand-up set on his awkward post-prostate exam hug, a devilish Midwest meeting and his mom’s voicemail glitches.
  • Sister Death (2023) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Spanish – After a miraculous childhood, Narcisa becomes a novice and starts teaching girls in a former convent haunted by a disturbing presence.
  • The After (2023) Netflix Original – TV-14 – English – After witnessing a violent crime, a shattered rideshare driver picks up a passenger who forces him to confront his grief.
  • The Bling Ring (2013) – R – English – Lured by stardom, a crew of aimless teens breaks into celebrity homes for a string of high-profile robberies and fame by appropriation.
  • The Cheating Game (2023) – TV-MA – Tagalog – After her cheating boyfriend’s sex tape goes viral, a content creator starts over with the seemingly perfect guy — who may be hiding secrets of his own.
  • The Kill Team (2019) – R – English
  • The Outcasts (2023) – TV-14 – Arabic – A young man returns home hoping to sell his late father’s soccer club and cash in — only to find he must first overhaul the comically abysmal operation.
  • Why Do You Love Me (2023) – TV-MA – Indonesian – Against their parents’ wishes, three young men with physical disabilities embark on a road trip to pursue their first sexual experiences.
  • Yellow Door: ’90s Lo-fi Film Club (2023) Netflix Original – TV-14 – Korean – This intimate documentary explores a bygone era of cinematic passion and the emergence of young film enthusiasts in South Korea, including Bong Joon Ho.

10 New TV Series Added

  • A Love So Beautiful (Season 1) – TV-14 – Chinese – The ups and downs of school, family and growing up test the affection between a budding artist and her handsome but indifferent classmate and neighbor.
  • Absolute Beginners (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Polish – Two childhood best friends enjoying their final seaside summer as they prepare for film school meet an aspiring athlete who ignites unfamiliar desires.
  • Get Gotti (Limited Series) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English – Told from both sides of the law, this docuseries from the makers of “Fear City” follows the FBI’s battle to bring down infamous mob boss John Gotti.
  • Life on Our Planet (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-PG – English – Life’s extraordinary journey to conquer, adapt and survive on Earth across billions of years comes alive in this groundbreaking nature docuseries.
  • Magenta Coal (Season 1) – TV-MA – English – Secrets and lies come to light when Matilda, the wife of a mining magnate, becomes embroiled in a bitter tussle over fortune and family succession.
  • PLUTO (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-14 – Japanese – When the world’s seven most advanced robots and their human allies are murdered one by one, Inspector Gesicht soon discovers that he’s also in danger.
  • Princess Power (Season 2) Netflix Original – TV-Y – English – Princess friends from four different Fruitdoms — Blueberry, Kiwi, Pineapple and Raspberry — spring into action to make their worlds a better place.
  • The Family Business (Seasons 1-4) – TV-MA – English – As the patriarch of a thriving family empire prepares to pass the torch, secrets soon jeopardize the business. Based on Carl Weber’s bestselling novels.
  • The UnXplained with William Shatner (Season 3) – TV-14 – English – In this investigative docuseries, scientists and historians delve into strange and mysterious phenomena that have intrigued humanity for centuries.
  • Tore (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Swedish – An immature and aimless 27-year-old throws himself into an unknown world of sex, drugs and self-discovery after his closest companion’s death.

Top 10 Movies and Series on Netflix for October 27th, 2023

# TV Shows Movies
1 Get Gotti No Hard Feelings
2 Life on Our Planet Old Dads
3 The Fall of the House of Usher Burning Betrayal
4 Bodies Minions
5 Big Mouth Knights of the Zodiac
6 Pete Holmes: I Am Not for Everyone Hotel Transylvania 2
7 Carl Weber’s The Family Business Long Shot
8 Beckham Trolls
9 Surviving Paradise Reptile
10 Pact of Silence Casper

What are you watching on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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