Netflix Added 39 New Movies and Series This Week: December 31, 2023

Elvis New On Netflix December 31st 2023Elvis New On Netflix December 31st 2023

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Happy New Year’s Eve and if you’re looking for a new movie or series to watch on Netflix, then we’ve got you covered with the complete list of all the movies and series that dropped this week, plus a rundown of what’s been topping the Netflix US charts for the past seven days.

For more on what’s coming up on Netflix throughout January 2024, check out our complete list of upcoming titles here. Also, today is your last chance to catch a bunch of great movies on Netflix before they depart tomorrow.

Now let’s dive into three highlights from the new releases:

Best New Movies and Series on Netflix This Week

Elvis (2022)

Rating: PG-13
Language: English
Genre: Biography, Drama, Music
Director: Baz Luhrmann
Cast: Tom Hanks, Austin Butler, Olivia DeJonge
Writer: Baz Luhrmann, Sam Bromell, Craig Pearce
Runtime: 159 min / 2h 39m

Baz Luhrmann is known for his big, bombastic theatrical movies, and that’s encapsulated perfectly in his most recent biopic on Elvis Presley, which was released in theaters and nominated for eight Oscars.

Certified Fresh on RottenTomatoes, the movie was praised primarily from a stellar performance from Butler. Audrey Fox, in her review for, said:

“Elvis is an operatic creation, one that is over-the-top and messy in places, yet in a way that suits its larger-than-life subject. It’s all anchored by a stunning lead performance from Austin Butler, who breathes new life into Elvis.”

Joker (2019)

Rating: R
Language: English
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director: Todd Phillips
Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz
Writer: Todd Phillips, Scott Silver, Bob Kane
Runtime: 122 min / 2h 2m

Joaquin Phoenix plays a unique take on the classic Batman villain in this Oscar-winning movie, easily one of the best DC movies in recent years. It came with plenty of controversy at the time of release, as I distinctly remember police outside of theaters across New York in fear of what the movie may force people to do. Crazy times!

We’re getting another DC movie tomorrow in the form of Aquaman, meaning that you can quite comfortably bring in the New Year with a complete DC movie binge.

Tacoma FD (Seasons 1-4)

Number of episodes: 49
Rating: TV-14
Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Cast: Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Marcus Henderson
Writer: Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme
Runtime: 30 min

Tacoma Fd New On NetflixTacoma Fd New On Netflix

Picture: TruTV

Looking for a laugh? Then today, Netflix added all four seasons of the excellent and criminally underrated TruTV series Tacoma FD. With an 8.1 on IMDb, the series, which is currently awaiting a renewal or cancelation decision, follows a bunch of firefighters who are doing everything but battling fires.

Full List of New Releases on Netflix US This Week

Netflix provides all of the synopsis’ for the individual titles.

30 New Movies Added

  • A Ranjith Cinema (2023) – TV-14 – Malayalam – A young filmmaker starts adding horror-filled fictional events to a screenplay based on his life — and questions his sanity when they start coming true.
  • A Very Good Girl (2023) – TV-MA – Tagalog – Consumed by hate, a woman cons her way into the upper class and conspires to take down the cruel business magnate she blames for her downward spiral.
  • A Walk to Remember (2002) – PG – English – When bad boy Landon is cast opposite campus bookworm Jamie in a high school play, romance blooms — until tragedy threatens to tear them apart.
  • Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974) – PG – English – A widowed singer and single mother starts over as a diner waitress in Arizona, befriending her coworkers and romancing a ruggedly handsome rancher.
  • Annapoorni (2023) – TV-14 – Tamil – The daughter of a temple cook goes against her family’s wishes to make non-vegetarian food in order to prove she’s a talented chef in her own right.
  • Bad Lands (2023) – TV-MA – Japanese – A grifter and her loose-cannon brother get their hands on a massive amount of money, but their ill-gotten gains puts a huge target on their back.
  • Black Belt Jones (1974) – R – English – High-kicking Black Belt Jones is dispatched to take down a group of Mafia goons trying to muscle in on a downtown karate studio.
  • Dave Chappelle: The Dreamer (2023) – TV-MA – English – From his onstage tackle to the slap heard round the world, Dave Chappelle lets loose in this freewheeling and unfiltered stand-up comedy special.
  • Elvis (2022) – PG-13 – English – Elvis Presley finds fame and fortune as the King of Rock and Roll while struggling to escape the control of his controversial manager.
  • Hell Camp: Teen Nightmare (2023) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English – Out-of-control teens across America were sent to a therapy camp in the harsh Utah desert. The conditions were brutal, but the staff were even worse.
  • Inside Story (2011) – TV-14 – English – A talented young soccer player from Kenya chases his dream in Johannesburg, where he must contend with an HIV diagnosis and life as an outsider.
  • It’s Alive (1974) – PG – English – Frank and Lenore Davis are an ordinary couple who produce an extraordinary baby — a fanged mutant that sets off on a killing spree to survive.
  • Joker (2019) – R – English – In 1981 Gotham City, a struggling, mentally ill comic battles to be seen. His life takes a dark, gut-wrenching turn after he lashes back at attackers.
  • Kho Gaye Hum Kahan (2023) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Hindi – Three best friends juggle life as 20-somethings in Mumbai, where romance, ambition and heartbreak collide with the addictive draw of social media.
  • Meg 2: The Trench (2023) – PG-13 – English – In the ocean’s darkest depths, researchers fight for survival against massive prehistoric sea creatures and an equally predatory mining operation.
  • Miss Shampoo (2023) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Mandarin – A hair salon apprentice accidentally saves a gangster’s life — an act that helps bring in new clientele and drops her into a world of chaos.
  • Ricky Gervais: Armageddon (2023) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English – Ricky Gervais dishes out controversial takes on political correctness and oversensitivity in a taboo-busting comedy special about the end of humanity.
  • Shastry Virudh Shastry (2023) – TV-14 – Hindi – A music teacher fights an emotional legal battle to retain guardianship of his young grandson when the boy’s father insists on moving overseas with him.
  • Sniper: Assassin’s End (2020) – R – English – Framed for an assassination he didn’t commit, a military special operative turns to his father, a legendary sniper, to help him find the real killer.
  • Sniper: G.R.I.T. – Global Response & Intelligence Team (2023) – R – English – Backed by a covert response team, an elite sniper travels to Malta to rescue an undercover agent from a highly sophisticated terrorist group.
  • Sniper: Ghost Shooter (2016) – R – English – Snipers ordered to protect a gas pipeline from terrorists suspect a security breach when they’re targeted by a ghost shooter who knows their location.
  • Sniper: Ultimate Kill (2017) – R – Spanish – When a Colombian drug kingpin takes over the smuggling routes to the U.S., a Marine sniper teams with a federal agent to take him and his cartel down.
  • Taslim Ahali (2022) – TV-14 – Arabic – Discovering that loved ones are involved with diamond smuggling, a doctor and a woman looking for love pretend to be married to get them out of trouble.
  • Thank You, I’m Sorry (2023) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Swedish – Suddenly alone during the late stages of her pregnancy, Sara receives an unexpected lifeline when Linda, her estranged older sister, arrives.
  • The Abandoned (2023) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Thai – When a mysterious corpse is found in a river, a distressed police officer delves into a string of grisly murders as danger quickly approaches.
  • The Engineer (2023) – R – English – In the 1990s, a covert agent launches a sweeping search for Yahya Ayyash, the man behind a series of fatal attacks in Israel. Based on true events.
  • The Harouns (2023) – TV-14 – Arabic – After killers slay a crime boss en route to Cairo, a showdown erupts at his funeral between his family, clients and enemies over what really happened.
  • The Street Fighter (1974) – R – Japanese – Martial arts legend Sonny Chiba stars as tough guy Terry Tsurugi, a ruthless street fighter hired by the Japanese Mafia to kidnap the beautiful heiress of a vast oil fortune, all so that they can take over her family’s estate.
  • Three of Us (2022) – TV-PG – Hindi – When a woman with early-onset dementia visits her hometown with her husband, buried memories and a former love pave a poignant path through her past.
  • V for Vendetta (2005) – R – English – In a near-future dystopian society, a masked anarchist fomenting a revolution recruits a TV network employee, while a detective seeks his true identity.

9 New TV Series Added

  • Berlin (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Spanish – During his glory days, Berlin and a gang assembled in Paris for one of his greatest plans ever: stealing 44 million euros’ worth of jewels in one night.
  • Captains of the World (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English – From the locker room to the pitch, this docuseries offers exclusive access to all 32 teams as they fight for football glory in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
  • Dr. Storks (Seasons 1-2) – TV-14 – Japanese – A compassionate obstetrician — who’s also a gifted pianist — devotes himself to guiding his patients through the miracle and challenges of childbirth.
  • Pokémon Concierge () Netflix Original – TV-PG – English – Welcome to Pokemon Resort, a peaceful getaway for Pokemon to relax and have fun. Which guest will the new concierge Haru befriend and help first?
  • Secret Royal Inspector & Joy (Season 1) – TV-14 – Korean – Murder, conspiracy and corruption in Joseon pulls a food-loving secret government agent and a forward-thinking divorcee into an unlikely partnership.
  • Star Trek: Prodigy (Season 1) – TV-Y7 – English – After discovering an abandoned Starfleet ship, a ragtag crew of young adventurers unites to explore the galaxy and escape a vicious overlord’s clutches.
  • Tacoma FD (Seasons 1-4) – TV-14 – English – Their hometown’s rainy climate leaves a firehouse crew with ample time for ludicrous animal rescues, petty pranks and much more mischief.
  • The Millionaire Matchmaker (Seasons 1-2) – TV-14 – English – Third-generation matchmaker Patti Stanger runs the Millionaire’s Club, a service devoted to helping wealthy singles who are looking for love.
  • War: Wrath and Revenge (Season 1) – TV-MA – English – Nuhu Bula looks set to be the next governor of Kowa. Until his wife learns he wants to marry another woman — and does everything she can to stop him.

rebel moon most anticipated netflix original movies august 22nd 2023rebel moon most anticipated netflix original movies august 22nd 2023

Picture: Netflix

  1. Rebel Moon Part One: A Child of Fire – 76 points
  2. The Super Mario Bros. Movie – 66 points
  3. Leave the World Behind – 52 points
  4. Sniper: Assassin’s End – 44 points
  5. Sniper: Ultimate Kill – 42 points
  6. Gran Turismo – 29 points
  7. Hell Camp: Teen Nightmare – 22 points
  8. Family Switch – 20 points
  9. Meg 2: The Trench – 20 points
  10. The Christmas Chronicles – 16 points
  11. Leo – 16 points
  12. Holiday in the Vineyards – 13 points
  13. Sniper: G.R.I.T. – Global Response & Intelligence Team – 10 points
  14. Curry & Cyanide: The Jolly Joseph Case – 6 points
  15. White Christmas – 3 points
  16. Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget – 2 points
  17. The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two – 2 points
  18. Maestro – 1 points

my life with the walter boys most anticipated netflix original shows november 28th 2023my life with the walter boys most anticipated netflix original shows november 28th 2023

Picture: Nomadic Pictures

  1. My Life with the Walter Boys – 64 points
  2. The Manny – 57 points
  3. The Crown – 43 points
  4. Young Sheldon – 42 points
  5. School Spirits – 35 points
  6. Money Heist: Berlin – 20 points
  7. Pokémon Concierge – 19 points
  8. Gyeongseong Creature – 14 points
  9. Obliterated – 13 points
  10. Fireplace for your Home: Christmas Music – 9 points
  11. World War II: From the Frontlines – 5 points
  12. The Golden Hour – 4 points
  13. Car Masters: Rust to Riches – 1 point

What have you been watching on Netflix this week over the festive period? Let us know in the comments and check back in tomorrow with the full list of new releases for January 1st.

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