How To Enter Bhaal’s Temple in Baldur’s Gate 3

Getting to Bhaal’s Temple in Baldur’s Gate 3 is no easy feat. In fact, it’s safe to say that doing so is one of the biggest challenges in Act 3. Requiring you to travel every inch of the underground and the most obscure locations in the Lower City, this long quest will leave you dragging your feet along the way.

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However, you won’t get to turn your back on it. How could you when Orin kidnapped one of your very own? If you want to save your companion, keep the city safe, and take down the champion of Murder itself, your sights need to be set on the deepest, darkest part of Baldur’s Gate.

How To Find The Amulet Of Bhaal

Player Loots Amulet Of Bhaal From Sarevok's Body At Murder Tribunal

The Amulet of Bhaal is the first step to entering the temple. Without it, you’ll be a sitting duck in blood – literally.

Getting the Amulet, much like the rest of this adventure, is no small task. You’ll have to complete all of the Investigate the Murders quest, including the finale with the Murder Tribunal. Whether you defeat the Murder Tribunal or accept Bhaal as your lord, you’ll have to meet them to gain the amulet.

With the Amulet of Bhaal in hand, you must return to the surface and find your way into the Underground proper.

How To Enter The Underground

Party Finds Lower City Sewers After Entering From Emperor's Hideout

There are several ways to find the Underground, and we’re always finding more. The top three most popular methods are:

  • Entering through any of the sewer grates or manholes on the city streets.
  • Entering through the Hatch in the Emperor’s Hideout.
  • Entering through the broken wall near the Guild’s headquarters.

We recommend the Guild’s Headquarters route, entering through a manhole cover just beside (left of) the Basilisk Gate Waypoint. This will help you skip the poison fog at the Emperor’s Hideout entrance.

How To Navigate The Underground And Find The Bhaal’s Temple First Entrance

The Underground is crawling with several grease and acid-themed creatures, but they’re thankfully not much of a challenge. You’ll likely want a rogue with you to take them out quietly without much fuss.

If you came in through the entrance with the Guild’s headquarters or the Emperor’s Hideout, you might also need to take out some cultists torturing refugees in a southern room.

Player Sneaks Up On Cultists Torturing Refugees In Lower City Sewers

Travel north as far as you can while keeping on the right side path, passing several bridges and going left after you pass the bridges full of grease monsters.

As you meet two globs of grease patrolling a small bridge and see a door on the north side, unlock it and enter a room with stairs and an area where you can perceive loose stones on the ground filled with loot.

Door In Undercity Ruins Asks Astarion For Proof Of Commitment To Lord Bhaal Bhaal's Amulet

Go up the stairs here and north to reach the Undercity Ruins (the Ancient Sigil Waypoint not far from the trader Voiceless Penitent Bareki). Congratulations, you’ve practically made it.

There will be a large stone door that asks you to provide proof. Show it the Amulet of Bhaal.

How To Pass The Farslayer Of Bhaal, Gislev

Player Finds Note Beside Body In Underside Ruins About The Farslayer Of Bhaal

Entering the Undercity Ruins, you’ll find a body and a note that warns of the Farslayer of Bhaal. If you try continuing from this point without being crafty, you’ll immediately meet him and, in all likelihood, panic when you realize he has Power Word: Kill.

Although he can only ritual cast it, and it takes five turns, it is frightening to know that he can outright kill any member of your party without a save. To quote Gale: “It is to be avoided.”

Gale Looks At Farslayer Of Bhaal Gislev Examine Menu And Reads Unstoppable Condition

The room is also filled with several of his followers, and both he and some of the stronger members have a condition known as “Unstoppable.”

A creature that has Unstoppable means that any hit they take will always be one damage. The number next to their Unstoppable condition will denote how many attacks they can take before the condition ends.

If you want to pass through without doing anything, cast a high-level Invisibility on your party, run across the pillar in the center of the room, go through the far door, and enter the metal door on the right.

You can pass through this room without killing everyone here, but that’s never any fun, is it?

Astarion And Cleric With Spirit Guardians Uncover Farslayer's Minions Inside Building

We recommend casting a high-level Invisibility spell on your party and entering the building at the base of the hill. There are several enemies on the ground and first floor.

To find them, you can:

  • Cast See Invisibility.
  • Pass a high enough Perception check.
  • Walk around with a spell like Spirit Guardians activated to deal damage and start combat.

Take out each of the smaller minions and work towards where Gislev is standing on his pillar across the bridge.

Gislev’s Ritual does not work if he cannot see you and if you are more than 55m away from him. You can calculate this by, while in a turn with your character, hovering your cursor on the space next to him.

Camera Pans Over Farslayer Minions Crouching On Building Rooftop In Undercity Ruins

When the enemies on both floors are defeated, work your way over to the far western side of the building to find three enemies up on the roof. Send two units up there while Hiding, including one that can hit multiple times in one round.

Send your other two units while Hiding up to the single enemy waiting on the wooden platform to the right beside the open hole in the wall. Take them out simultaneously.

You can Shove off all except the single unit with Unstoppable to deal tremendous fall damage.

Astarion Jumps Over To Secret Ledge In Undercity Ruins To Fight Farslayer's Minions

With these enemies dealt with, send your two units that took care of the solo enemy further along a secret path you must jump over (to the right of the broken wall). This will lead to a ledge where two more enemies are camping.

After defeating the two enemies, stealth back to the main building and go across to the end on the way to Gislev. Exit the door, taking care that you are not ambushed by any leftover enemies, and climb the ladders on the right to reach Gislev.

Astarion, Gale, and Player Sneak Up On Farslayer Gislev From Behind On Pillar

Send only your ranged units up and keep one strong melee unit on the ground here.

When you reach Gislev, pepper him with as many attacks as you can manage to break his Unstoppable.

Attacks like Magic Missile can eat away at his Unstoppable quickly and is a highly recommended strategy against any enemy with this condition.

Lae'zel Lies In Wait When Farslayer Gislev Teleports On Top Of Her And Falls Into Trap

When Gislev has his turn, he’ll teleport away right where your fighter was left standing. Attack him there with that fighter, giving ranged support from above with those left behind.

After Gislev is finished, enter through the doorway to the north and look right to see a metal door. Enter it to proceed.

How To Enter The Temple Of Bhaal

Player Stumbles Across Bodies And Dribbles The Clown Head On Way To Bhaal's Temple

After passing Gislev, you’re pretty much home-free. The next area will have a path with statues that light as you near them. Follow these statues downward.

If you’ve passed a group of dead bodies and looted Dribbles’s head from one of the corpses, you’re on the right track.

If you pass a camp with two roasting pork loins and start venturing away from the lit statues toward a waterfront, you have gone too far. Turn around. This area is where the Elder Brain lingers, and you are not ready.

Player Finds Temple Of Bhaal Waypoint At End Of The Bridge Undercity Ruins

After following the statues down to a large bridge, you’ll come across a Waypoint.

This is your last safe point – the point of no return – before entering a danger zone you cannot teleport from. If you need to restore spell slots and HP with a long rest, do so now.

Player Drow Cleric Opens Door To Temple Of Bhaal And Wonders If They'll Return Alive

Travel across the bridge to reach the large doors to the Temple of Bhaal.

Press the Amulet of Bhaal against the door when prompted. The door shall at last open for you, and you’ll be able to enter the Temple of Bhaal once and for all. Good luck.

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