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Attendees at a Manchester, U.K.-based film festival will be getting a taste of Asheville this May, when it airs the entire first season of local comedic web series “Transplanting.”
Pilot Light TV Festival, which focuses on unique television and new media projects, announced that it chose “Transplanting,” among others, for its Indie TV Comedy Showcase in the 2016 lineup.
Written by Lea McLellan, directed by Andrew Vasco and starring Hayley Heninger, the local online series premiered last September, telling the lighthearted story of an Asheville transplant, Maeve, discovering all the quirky city has to offer — from womyn’s circles to artisan bicycle-cart bakers to the total seriousness of coffee shop music playlists. And with the international showing, Maeve’s story will give festival-goers a chance to discover Asheville too.
“We applied to a handful — not a huge amount — of film festivals after the first season aired, and we just found out we were selected to be in it two days ago,” McLellan said. “They contacted us and were like, ‘We love the show!'”
And what’s really exciting about it, McLellan said, is that “usually at these things they only show one or two short episodes, but they’re going to screen the whole season.”
According to the festival’s Facebook page, “lineup highlights include Nathan Barley, a Snuff Box 10th Anniversary Q&A with Matt Berry and Michael Cummings, the season two premiere of Hoff the Record, UK premieres of web series Transplanting and Concrete Jungle, a screening of banned BBC drama The War Game, fantasy epic Ren : The Girl with the Mark and Q&A, Zombie comedy Dead Town – Official and Q&A” and more.
But unless you’re planning a vacation to England, the four-day festival across the pond won’t have many local attendees.
“Andrew and I were kind of thinking about going — and we looked into it, but it’s just too expensive,” McLellan said.
But have no fear, Transplanting fans: Season two is almost here.
“I’m bringing back some characters that were popular last season, but in a different setting and context,” McLellan said. “So if you remember the brogi — the bro yogi — from last season, there’s a yoga episode this season, where Maeve goes to a yoga class. And that character from the last season is in the class. There’s going to be a bachelorette party, and they ride the PubCycle, which is fun. They go try beer at the breweries, which is a very Asheville thing that we didn’t get to touch on last season. And I think the character Maeve just develops a little bit more.”
Currently, the season one episodes combined have around 30,000 views, but McLellan said she anticipates heightened popularity with the debut of the second season.
“People know about us, but, of course, not everyone in Asheville is watching,” she explained. “I really want to push it more as the second season comes out, and we’re hoping to get a little more recognition and ride that momentum.”
Season two begins filming this Friday, with a premiere date still to-be-determined (likely in late May). For more information on The Pilot Light TV Festival, which runs May 5-8 in Manchester, England, visit — and to watch season one of “Transplanting,” head over to
Asheville gets its closeup: Local TV show stars the city


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